Peer Recovery Support

True Directions Inc. provides a safe, structured environment that encourages positive growth and development in recovery. To further our support we have added Peer Recovery Support Services.

A peer is a person that we can identify with in some capacity based on our life experience. A Peer Recovery Support Specialist is a  person that is certified with long term sobriety from a substance use disorder and has made enough progress in their recovery to work with others.  Having lived with a substance use disorder provides insight and support that professional training cannot replicate.  A Peer Recovery Support Specialist is a person we identify with in some capacity. Peer based recovery support focuses the on the individual person and strength-based supports for managing long term recovery.

What do Peer Recovery Support Specialists do?

A Peer Recovery Support Specialist works with peers seeking recovery from a substance use disorder.  They assist peers in creating their own personal recovery path and help connect them to recovery resources, professional and nonprofessional, that help individual needs on the road to recovery.

Peer Recovery Support Specialists facilitate and/or lead recovery-oriented group activities.   They are not Case Managers, Therapist/Counselors, Nurses, Doctors, Sponsors or Clergy. Peer Recovery Support Specialists are advocates for peers in their new life of recovery.

Contact our Peer Recovery Support Specialists:
True Directions Peer Recovery Support Services
206 E Maple Ave, Mora, MN 55051
Phone: (320) 679-3580

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