About Us

The mission of True Directions Inc. is to provide a safe, structured environment that encourages positive growth and development for persons living with mental health, substance use disorder, and or homelessness.

In 2018 Serenity Manor changed its business name to True Directions, Inc. while keeping Serenity Manor as the name for its well-known men’s facility. True Directions provides sober living programs for men and women recovering with substance use disorder. 12 step programs as well as out-patient programs for mental health and substance use disorder are available. Our facilities are in the quiet, small town of Mora in east central Minnesota.

Serenity Manor was established in 1973 and has aided hundreds of men, women and adolescents in their recovery. Today, Serenity Manor provides a structured environment specifically focused on adult men with substance use disorder.

In 2012 we purchased the historic C. E. Williams home, or Rosehaven, and opened Serenity Haven expanding our services to women seeking low intensity treatment for substance use disorder.

In 2018, we opened our third facility, Lakeside, we offer residential sober living for women in recovery with substance use disorder.

In 2021 we started a peer recovery program to assist individuals with substance use disorder.