Save history, win an ATV

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Save history, win an ATV

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This raffle will help support our restoration of the historic C.E. Williams house. The beautiful 1902 Victorian on Maple Street in Mora MN is home to True Direction’s Serenity Haven sober living program.

The cozy 10 bed facility is located in the quiet small town of Mora, Minnesota. It’s peaceful location facilitates a serene environment where women can focus on their progress in recovery from substance use disorder. Our low intensity residential program encourages women to identify and develop their strengths so they can live rewarding, chemically free lives. The program offers a supervised structured living environment with tools for successful recovery; 12 Step evidence based treatment programs, programs in parenting, spirituality, relapse prevention, relationships, self-esteem, employment, finances, and housing. Click here to learn more about the Serenity Haven program>

The mission of True Directions, Inc. is to provide a safe, structured environment that encourages positive growth and development for persons living with substance use disorder.

Historic C E Williams house in Mora MN

Help restore the Historic C E Williams house in Mora MN

To view the full form about the 1902 Historic C. E. Williams House click here

The C.E. Williams House occupies a spacious double corner lot on Maple Avenue immediately northeast of Mora’s central business district. Maple Avenue, on the south shore of Lake Mora, was an early “status address” in Mora. The Williams House is the most distinctive of the residences on the avenue; most others have been substantially altered.

The C.E. Williams House is significant for its association with one of Mora’s long time civic leaders and as one of the county’s most distinctive residences. Charles Serline, a prominent local figure and politician, built the house in Mora’s fashionable residential district on the south shore of Lake Mora in 1902. The house, however, is primarily associated with C.E. Williams, who purchased the property in 1909 and resided in the house until his death in 1951 at the age of 92. Williams, a native of Kentucky, arrived in the community in April 1883, a mere four months after its platting. He labored as a lumberjack and school teacher before establishing himself as a successful merchant and businessman and a prominent banker.

Williams also served his community and county in several public capacities, county commissioner, village mayor, county sheriff,  and secretary of the board of education for thirty years. The house’s Queen Anne design features distinguish it among the housing stock of Kanabec County. It has been well preserved and retains significant design integrity.

It has been over 40 years since registered and assessed. We find at this time there is need for restoration to preserve the property and it’s history for future generations in Kanabec County.

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